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Erasmus+ and international exchange students

You are an exchange student and you want to take one or two semesters of study at the Graduate school of teaching and education Lille Nord de France.

The ESPE LNF admission procedure takes place in several steps :
  1. Meet your international relations home coordinator and set up your mobility project.
  2. Check that the home university or school has a student exchange agreement with the Graduate school of teaching and education Lille Nord de France (ESPE LNF).
  3. Fill out the application form and send it back to the international relations office of the ESPE LNF. The form has to be sign by you and by your home coordinator.
    The application form includes the housing application and the application for the intensive French course during one week at the beginning of each semester.
    [soon available]
  4. You must be officially be selected by your home university or school before filling out the mobility contract and the learning agreement.
    The learning agreement must be filled out in accordance with the home institution and the host institution ( I.R. Office and coodinators).

Your application and enrolment will be processed by the international relations office of the ESPE LNF. You will benefit from a simplified enrolment process and won’t pay any enrolment fees.

Application form
Information on the application deadlines :

*30th June for the first semester and the whole year
*31st October for the second semester

The curriculum

You will have a look at the curriculum on the section "Formations".

The ESPE LNF prepares students for a master’s degree programme. All exchange students will enroll in the master’s programme. The gradate school does not offer any Bachelor’s degree.

Proficiency in French

Students are asked to pass the B2 level at the TCF/TEF French tests or B2 of DELF diploma or DALF diploma.


If you want to benefit from a housing, you will have to mention it on the ESPE LNF application form.
The International Relations office offers a limited number of university housing placements. Homestay can be proposed to exchange students if whished.

You can email all your questions to the following address :